temporary background couple reimagining their kitchen with a design consultant

Kitchen Designers

Many times small changes have huge impact for your home, family and the environment. At the heart of it all is your relationship with a professional EatGatherLove design associate, who will work together with you in a fully collaborative and co-creative design.

We love designing kitchens, and as kitchen designers, we get to hear all your aspirations for preparing and sharing food with your family and friends. We get to see and hear the designs, colors, materials you like, and the functionality you require. Then we get to use our experience and knowledge to guide you through the options, make good decisions, and ultimately deliver the kitchen we reimagined with you.

When designing, experience counts for a lot and so does process. We have seen over and over what makes a great kitchen. At the same time, you are unique, and so are your family and friends. The skill is in bringing sound principles and practice together with your needs, and making something that is really special just for you.

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